Recycling and Reuse

Leggett & Platt uses significant amounts of recycled materials within our manufacturing processes. Additionally, many employee-partners have established recycling activities within their respective responsibility areas. Our waste-stream management focuses on maximizing recycling and minimizing the need to landfill.

recycled steel

Recycled Steel

Close to a million tons of recycled scrap steel are used in the manufacture of Leggett & Platt products each year.

recycled urethane

Recycled Urethane Foam

Leggett & Platt incorporates several hundred million pounds of recycled urethane foam, fiber, and rubber into the manufacture of new carpet pad each year.

recycled paper

Recycled Paper and Cardboard

The corrugated products used by Leggett & Platt for packaging material are made from approximately 80% recycled material.

chemical reuse

Chemical Reuse

Over two million gallons of spent sulfuric acid from Leggett & Platt operations are used per year by municipalities for wastewater treatment or converted by Leggett & Platt into a fertilizer product.

lubricant reuse

Lubricant Reuse

Lubricant-recovery systems have reduced our lubricant requirement in our drawn wire operations by 25%, reducing annual landfill requirements over one-half million pounds.