Adcom Wire Case Study

L&P Berwick – Berwick, PA

Leggett & Platt – Berwick, Branch 0383, is dedicated to the manufacturing and supply of a wide range of carpet underlayment products. The facility has long been a recycling center for 14 types of post-consumer scrap foam, and currently diverts over 25,000 tons of scrap foam from the landfill each year. In addition to the daily recycling of post-consumer scrap foam, the branch has completed several sustainability projects in the past, including energy-saving lighting enhancements, compressed air optimization, and enhanced dust collection systems. In 2014, the facility made the natural progression of implementing the Eco Initiative program. The following goals have been identified and initiated by the Eco Initiative Team:

  • Achieve 100% employee awareness.
  • Reduce landfill waste by 5% from 2013.
  • Eliminate the spray paint cans going to the landfill.

As a result, the facility has reduced landfill waste by 8%.

  2012 2013 2014
Landfill Weight 448,400 506,760 545,820
Recycled Weight 205,027 210,003 318,127
Total Waste Weight 653,427 716,763 863,947

In 2015, L&P Berwick established new goals for the year.

  • Eliminate 100% of aerosols.
    • The facility already eliminated 100% of their waste paint and this will be phase II.
  • Landfill reduction.
    • Implement a procedure that weighs all waste, then sets a specific target percent as a goal to reach for the year.
  • Eliminate mop system.
    • Buy a steam cleaner and eliminate all wastewater and mop heads.