Cleveland – Cleveland, TN

The Cleveland facility is located in Cleveland, Tennessee, and became an Eco Initiative- and EFEC-registered facility in July 2011. They assemble motion recliner hardware and lift bases using pneumatic hand tools and threaded fasteners. They also assemble sofa sleeper mechanisms using hydraulic rivet setters and serve as a warehouse for other Leggett & Platt facilities.

Previous notable projects, goals, and changes include:

  • Reuse of non-confidential paper for scratch pads, note-taking, etc.
  • Paper recycling.
  • Printing only final reports when possible.
  • Encouraging the use of permanent cups and plates, whenever possible.
  • Installing programmable thermostats, as well as closable vents, in infrequently used offices.
  • Updating lighting.
    • The facility replaced 60 outdated metal halide light fixtures with 60 electronic ballast, 4’, 6-tube, T-8 high-lumen lamps in 2012.
      • Half of the new ballasts are equipped with motion sensors to be used in areas of the plant where motion is limited.
      • Lamp life is also expected to increase from 20,000 hours to 30,000 hours, decreasing waste.
    • This resulted in an estimated savings of 44,008 kWh per year (approx. energy consumption reduction of 51%).
  • Requesting returnable containers from vendors and reusing incoming corrugated for outbound shipments, whenever possible.
  • Recycling corrugated cardboard that is not reused.
  • Utilizing incoming wooden skids for storage and shipment of product.
  • Using incoming wooden boxes for storage and making them available to customers, employees, and the public for personal use.
  • Routinely magnet-sweeping for dropped fasteners, which are sorted and reused in production.
  • Posting signs to alert truck carriers to turn off engines while loading and unloading, to reduce air emissions.
    • Company trucks’ carriers are told to maintain minimal warm-up times.
  • Monitoring shipments daily to maximize loads and minimize trips and mileage.
  • Covering all waste dumpsters to prevent storm water contamination.

The facility set the following goals for 2015:

  • Energy use – reduce energy use by 5% by reducing compressed air requirements.
    • Completed 5/15/15. Achieved by turning air compressor off every night and weekend.
  • Energy use – reduce energy use of outside security lights by 80% by switching from metal halide to LED by December 31, 2015.
    • Project is on-going. Research showed the most cost-effective solution is to replace as needed (2 at a time per contract agreement).
    • As of 8/20/2015, six of ten lights have been switched to LED.
  • Reduce landfill waste by 1 cu yd./month.
    • Currently reviewing trash and recycle programs. A separate team has been set up to study this goal. Expected completion: 10/1/2015.

The facility plans to take part in their local chapter of Keep America Beautiful later this year for a social responsibility activity. Keep America Beautiful is a national organization dedicated to improving environmental concerns, including: litter control, pollution prevention, education, and recycling programs.