Genesis Seating Case Study

Grand River Polishing Co. – Spring Lake, MI

Grand River Polishing Co., located in Spring Lake, Michigan, has been in the metal polishing industry for over 40 years and a part of Leggett & Platt since 2008.

The facility is hoping to become Eco Initiative mini registered in January 2016. Grand River Polishing Co. has had great success implementing their first set of sustainability goals throughout 2016 and exceeded their targets they had in place.

  • Raw Material Reduction
    • Reduce the amount of new foam purchased for fleet parts
    • Target: 10 boxes (121.36 cubic yards) of returned foam in 2016
    • Fleet engineers return the foam that parts were packed in and reuse it to pack more parts
    • Completed 9/28/2016
      • As of October 2016 – exceeded goal and have collected 218.448 cubic yards
  • Implement a Recycling Program and Reduce Landfill Waste
    • Target: 6 boxes of plastic and 15 boxes of cardboard
    • Reduce landfill waste by a total of 21.69 cubic yards in 2016
      • Start a recycling program with Padnos (local recycler) to recycle plastic bottles, stretch wrap, and cardboard
    • Current as of November 11, 2016 – Goal Complete:
      • Cardboard Recycled – 19.8009 cubic yards
      • Plastic Recycled – 6.6003 cubic yards
    • Targets for 2016:
      • Cardboard – 14.1435 cubic yards
      • Plastic – 5.6574 cubic yards