Leitchfield – Leitchfield, KY

The Leitchfield, Kentucky, branch became registered in the EFEC program in July of 2011. The facility manufactures a wide variety of component parts that are primarily used in upholstered furniture.

The following goals were identified and initiated by the EFEC team in 2014.

  • Pallets and scrap lumber.
    • Achieve a 20% increase in the amount of non-hazardous waste recycled – this goal has continued through 2016.
  • Paint usage
    • Reduce amount of wasted paint by developing drip pans and divert 100% of aerosols from landfill – completed
  • Recycle label paper – 50% increase of label paper to be recycled
  • Recycling of stretch wrap – 20% increase of stretch wrap to be recycled
  • Also in 2015, Leitchfield achieved 40% elimination of waste from the packaging process for flatstacks
    • Eliminated 2 sheets of cardboard per pallet
    • Eliminated all cardboard blocks

The following goals have been set for 2016:

  • Non-hazardous waste recycling
    • Achieve a 20% increase in the amount of non-hazardous waste recycled (pallets and scrap lumber)
      • Measure as a percentage based on 2015
    • Eliminate 100% of batteries going to landfill
      • Set up a recycle station
      • Recycle batteries through Batteries Plus
      • Goal complete
    • Achieve 20% reduction in amount of gloves and glove packaging
      • Gloves now provided in vending machine with no packaging
      • Switched to a new, more durable glove from MSC
      • Complete – continuing to monitor results of this project
    • Reuse scrap wood pieces from polydeck boxes to fix smaller broken pallets
      • Researching an effective way to track the progress of this goal

The facility has worked with the local Cub Scouts on several occasions. In addition to sponsoring the Pinewood Derby race, the facility also went to a local nursing home with the same group to plant marigolds on April 23, 2016.