No Sag Bonded – Aurora, IL

No Sag Bonded is located in Aurora, Illinois, and was registered to the Eco Initiative Program in March 2015. The facility is a member of the Urethane division of Leggett & Platt and manufactures carpet pad for residential and commercial use. On average, they ship 4,000 roles of carpet pad per day to a wide customer base of dealers, distributors , and big box stores.

The facility functions on 40 million pounds of scrap per year!

  • 3.3 million pounds per month
  • 833,333 pounds per week
  • 166,666 pounds per day, the equivalent of 5 – 6 truckloads of scrap per day

In 2016, No Sag Bonded set out to achieve the following goals:

  • Reduce their water footprint as much as possible
    • Switched to Keurig portion-specific brewed coffee
      • Saving the equivalent of 45 gal. of water from coffee bean cultivation to actually brewing a normal pot of coffee each day
    • Installed a rain sensor pole – a cork seal which expands when wet and stops sprinklers when it’s raining
      • Sprinkler time has been adjusted to 75% in the spring and summer and 50% in the fall
    • Plant a rain garden – storm water runoff will encounter and feed the rain garden and divert some water to the retention pond
      • The facility hopes to pipe the retention pond water to the sprinkler system to reuse water
  • Continue to reduce non-hazardous waste, mainly drums of oil and oil dry
    • Replaced the old shredder
    • Replaced the O-rings in the hydraulic unit with the correct size
    • In 2014, 67 drums; in 2015, 30 drums; and so far in 2016, only 10 drums have been sent to the Covanta waste-to-energy facility
  • Paper reduction
    • Replace every QC station with a computerized system
    • Several sheets of paper are saved in each department, each shift
  • Energy conservation
    • Motion sensors are starting to be installed in kitchen area, restrooms, breakroom, and conference room