Adcom Wire Case Study

Parthenon – La Vergne, TN

Parthenon Metal Works is a leading manufacturer and fabricator of electrical resistance welded steel tubing used in industries such as automotive, furniture, ATV, trailer axle, and industrial equipment.

In 2014, Parthenon implemented a recycling program to reduce landfill waste. The facility now recycles plastic bottles and bags, aluminum cans, and white paper. The program is ongoing. Another goal to reduce landfill waste was implemented in 2014: to eliminate spacers from the waste stream by selling spacers back to Feralloy at a discounted rate. The target goal was set at 5% reduction and the facility achieved an 8.8% reduction.

Another goal for the Parthenon facility was to install motion sensors on office and warehouse lights and tie the dust collection motor to the woodshop saw so it will only run when the saw is operating. The goal was to save 1,000 KwH, but the goal was far surpassed and they saved almost 8,000 KwH.

Summary of CI Project Benefits 2014
CO2 emissions saved:
42,487 lbs.
KwH saved:
7,877+ hrs.
Scrap steel recycled:
86,133 lbs.
Landfill waste reduced:
152,000 lbs.

In 2015, the following goals were put into action by the Parthenon facility:

  • Landfill waste reduction
    • Purchase, install, and communicate a recycling program (plastic, paper, aluminum cans) to reduce landfilled waste by 1% – goal achieved.
    • Reduce wood waste in landfill by reducing amount generated and identifying recyclers – goal in progress.
    • Investigate options for cardboard recycling to reduce landfill waste – goal in progress.
  • Reduce energy usage
    • Develop a repair schedule and preventative maintenance plan on the most heavily used equipment and utilize infrared scanner to reduce energy use by 2%.
  • Reduce wastewater disposed off-site
    • Investigate purchase of new evaporator that can handle increased volume of wastewater generated – goal in progress.

To fulfill a social responsibility for the year 2015, Parthenon was involved with and sponsored several activities where employees worked to benefit the community and improve the environment. These activities included working with United Way to improve playground landscaping, helping with local park cleanups in Davidson County, and working to organize a stream cleanup through the local TWRA agency.