Adcom Wire Case Study

Pride Frame – Wilkes-Barre, PA

Pride Frame, Branch 0071, was awarded the 2014 Pennsylvania Waste Watchers Award. This award recognizes recycling, waste reduction, reuse, and composting programs in Pennsylvania that have exhibited exemplary performance. The facility’s accomplishments in recycling and waste management also align with Eco Initiative objectives and standards. Notable 2013 branch accomplishments include:

  • 100% low-mercury fluorescent lamp recycling.
  • 33% landfill reduction since 2010 (from 15.64 tons to 11.76 tons) due to recycling efforts.
  • Reduction of scrap steel from 1.30% to 0.50% due to the implementation of several continuous improvement projects.

Pride Frame became Eco Initiative-registered in July 2014, and had a very successful first year in the program. Element highlights for 2015 are listed below:

  1. The facility has identified the following goals for 2015:
      • Expand current recycling program to include aluminum cans, plastic bottles, wood, and paper.
      • Continue to recycle all scrap wire and corrugated cardboard.
      • Maintain a scrap rate of 0.5% or less.
      • Incorporate a CI project to keep wire from tangling and causing high scrap rates.
      • Install auto-dispensing paper towel machines throughout the facility.
      • Acquired from Delano closure.
      • Motion sensors on dispensers.

  2. Employee Awareness was increased – Eco Initiative Q&A cards were given to all employees to remind them about the environmental policy and what it means. During the audit, employees from the Eco Initiative team were interviewed. A handout for the Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse program is available. In the book, the branch lists and explains all the items currently being recycled, along with how each item will be handled and stored in the facility for disposal.

  3. The facility has been working with Leggett & Platt Branch 5301, Oxford Spring, to take all of their plastic recycling. Pride Frame has a convenient outlet for all recyclables just down the road from the facility called Hanover Township Recycling. This is a great example of Information and Technology Exchange between two facilities.