Adcom Wire Case Study

Petco Sackner – Statesville, NC

Petco Sackner achieved EFEC registration in December 2010. Since obtaining registration, the facility has made many strides in minimizing its environmental impacts. Some of the most recent projects include the following:

  1. Cut paper usage an additional 2%.
    • Reuse braid setup sheets and maintenance downtime sheets.
  2. Reduce extrusion scrap by 3%.
    • Chop up old up-jacket.
      • Ongoing through 2017.
  3. Continue to reduce scrap in braid department by another 2% and recycle more.
    • Now recycling non-woven materials – sending to Hanes for recycling.
      • Complete – shipped 3,050 lbs. in last 12 months (used to be landfilled)
  4. Reduce fuel costs by an additional 1%.
    • Combine deliveries with sister branch 8814
      • Only using one straight truck once per week.
  5. Reduce water consumption by 1%
    • Change ball setting on toilets
    • Installed sensor faucets
      • Complete

The facility plans on exploring more opportunities to reduce water consumption, increase recycling efforts, and reduce landfill contributions. These will be achieved by finding more ways to reduce scrap generation on the production line, encouraging the use of electronic documents in the place of hard copies, and identifying more areas of water usage that can be reduced.