Genesis Seating Case Study

Talbot Industries – Neosho, MO

Eco Registered in December 2014

As a member of Leggett & Platt’s Wire Group, Talbot designs, prototypes, and manufactures products out of steel wire and tubing. While much of the design work is performed by Talbot employees, several Talbot customers have benefited from the advanced innovation and support offered through Leggett’s IDEA Center in Carthage. Today, retail store fixtures make up the majority of Talbot’s manufacturing volume.

In 2014, Talbot researched to see if electric fork trucks could meet production needs and reduce costs and emissions. The equipment transition reduced fuel cost by $18,540 annually and reduced maintenance cost by $9,360 annually. The project provided a 58% ROI. From an environmental standpoint, the previous forklifts produced 298,350 lbs. of carbon dioxide each year. The transition to more environmentally friendly electric equipment will reduce the CO2 output to 88,428 lbs., improving emissions by 70%. The CO2 reduction is the equivalent of removing 13 cars from the road each year!

In the 3-stage cleaning-and-pretreatment system, the facility was able to change the process to utilize a phosphate-free sealer in the final stage and they plan to switch to a phosphate-free cleaner in early 2015 as well.

In 2013, 14.85 tons of material was recycled. In 2014, 40.2 tons of paper, cardboard, and shrink warp have been recycled so far. This doesn’t account for other plastics and aluminum, as these are much lighter and not bailed, and thus stored in gaylords on pallets. Talbot more than doubled efforts from the previous year!

In November 2015, the facility presented and discussed the environment, recycling, and the processes that take place at Talbot to the Seneca fifth-grade class. This was planned to coincide with America Recycling Day, which is November 15, and help to raise awareness of environmental issues like recycling with the children.

Talbot also held an employee electronics drive in April 2016, and 487 lbs. of electronics were collected and recycled in honor of Earth Day.

The Eco Initiative team has set the following goals for 2016:

  • Increase general plant-wide recycling by an additional 10%, thus reducing waste to the landfill. This will be accomplished by focusing on:
    • Placing 3 bins (paper, aluminum, plastic) in all recycling locations
      • Already recycled over 23,000 lbs. of cardboard, stretch wrap, and aluminum in 1st quarter 2016
      • Plastic and paper are not weighed
    • Employee awareness of items that can be recycled and promoting recycling over landfill
  • Phosphate Elimination
    • Install new stainless steel wash line
      • Submit CER by end of 2016
  • Increase pallet recycling by 20% by year-end 2016
    • Will contact customers and suppliers
    • Organize a facility-wide cleanup and maintain pallets in one location
    • Possibly offer to public for free
    • New negotiations are underway with PalTech – a pallet recycling company
      • Site visit completed