Winchester Spring – Winchester, KY


Winchester Spring obtained Eco Initiative registration on July 31, 2012. As a result of their sustainability work they have won several awards. In 2012 – Environmental Excellence Award, 2015 – Environmental Pacesetter Award and the Environmental Champion Award in 2016, all presented by the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection (KDEP).

Initially the facility implemented small changes such as reducing Styrofoam cup usage, saving coffee grounds for compost, and setting up color-coded containers to separate recyclables. The facility then moved on to bigger projects such as:

  • Reduced landfill disposal by 60% by recycling cardboard, paper, steel, plastic aluminum cans, pallets, and oil pads.
  • Working with the local electric company to improve energy-use efficiency.
  • Implementing a paperless system. From 2009 to 2010, paper usage was reduced by 44% and reduced another 28% by 2011.
  • Implementing a program to rebuild parts, reducing the purchase of new parts and the disposal of used parts. Through the implementation of this program, the facility has reduced new parts purchased by 25%.
  • Reducing water consumption by installing new water fixtures, placing filled water bottles in all toilet tanks. Water usage has decreased from 83,000 gallons per month in 2010 to 82,000 gallons per month in 2012.
  • Replacing 100% of the oil lubricant used in the wire-forming process with a dry lubricant. In addition, oil containment/recycling systems were installed on Spuhl innerspring equipment to capture machine oil leaks. This reduced machine oil usage by 50%.
  • The facility has switched from propane forklifts to electric forklifts. This reduces air emissions and propane usage.
  • Installing motion-sensor lighting to reduce energy use in areas with no employees and installing energy-efficient lighting throughout the facility.
  • To reduce energy costs by 10% vs. 2015.
  • Spuhl LED Lighting Project – Currently on phase II. 19 of 32 Coiler House completed and 15 of 32 Assembler completed.
  • Big Ass Fan Project (3 purchased and installed).
  • Air Compressor/Leak Project – Motion Industries air-leak survey identified 108 air leaks. Projecting to switch air compressor motor from 100 HP to 50 HP.
  • Waste Disposal/Landfill Reduction: To reduce waste disposal costs vs. 2015 by 10%.
  • Pallet Repair Projects.
  • Forklift Tire Project.
  • Claw Tire Project.
  • Marker Recycling Project – Expect to save 15,600 markers from landfill per year.
  • Peeled Wire Scrap Project – Color-coded tracking by shift has been implemented, saving 32,182 lbs. from landfill.

As part of the Eco Initiative Social Responsibility requirement, facility employees are also involved in environmental projects outside the workplace. Recently, they participated in the Clark County Community Clean-Up by picking up trash in the community, volunteered to help with environmental projects at a summer day camp hosted by the local 4H, supplied pallets to the city festival to be crafted into benches, collected water bottle lids to donate to the local school so they can be upcycled into a new bench for the students, and hosted a lunch to help sponsor Relay for Life.