Ennis Spring – Ennis, TX

Ennis Spring was Leggett & Platt’s third location to be put in operation, originating in Dallas, Texas, in 1938. The facility was temporarily closed during World War II and was reopened in Ennis, Texas, in 1946. Ennis Spring manufactures Bonnell, VertiCoil®, and Superlastic innerspring units, along with the support equipment needed for production.

Ennis Spring’s main Eco Initiative efforts have previously been focused on reducing the amount of waste sent to the landfill:

  • The facility has successfully implemented a recycling program which includes paper, aluminum, copper, wire, cardboard, and pallets.
  • Occasionally, the facility receives special types of pallets that cannot be reused. They have found a local pallet company that will accept the pallets and provide compensation.
  • To further decrease landfill-bound waste, the facility has also begun rebuilding wooden crating ladders by reusing a 16” wooden section of each ladder. On average, rebuilding ladders has saved the facility about $1000 per month.

The following goals have been identified and initiated by the Eco Initiative Team for 2015:

  • Install motion sensor system in offices, restrooms, and break rooms to reduce energy usage by 10%. (Installation completed April 2015.)
  • Recycle 75% of batteries used, per Fastenal usage data for the facility. The facility was previously throwing away the batteries.
    • Recycling containers will be placed in the parts room, where the new batteries are distributed.
  • Utilize alternate indoor and outdoor lighting (LED, solar, sky lights) for energy savings. The final target and project outline has not been completed as of the day of the audit. This goal is still in the research stage.