High Point Furniture – High Point, NC

The High Point furniture components facility began diverting waste from landfill in 2009 when it implemented the EFEC (Enhancing Furniture’s Environmental Culture) program. From the beginning, the facility was amazed at the employee enthusiasm, participation, and individual and team efforts that have been contributed year after year. In 2014, the facility was registered as Landfill Free and won the award for Outstanding Business Recycling Program presented by the Carolina Recycling Association. High Point was also a finalist to receive the Sage Award, which recognizes excellence in sustainable business practices, social responsibility, and profitable growth.

For 2016, the facility plans to continue their upbeat approach in the program and has set some exceptional goals to reach by the end of the year.

  1. Reduce new pallet purchases by 25%, from 3,000 pieces to 2,250 or less.
  2. Reduce waste-to-energy stream trash by 1,000 lbs. (4%) in 2016 by increasing recycling efforts.
  3. Reduce the oily-material waste stream by 5% by weight from 2015 levels.

Accomplishments from 2015 projects include:

  • Electricity consumption dropped slightly over 2014, which is an excellent result in view of substantially increased sales.
  • Gas consumption also dropped nearly 5% over 2014 levels in the plant.
  • Measureable landfill usage for the year was zero for the first time in a full calendar year.

Other notables:

  • The facility has developed a garden that employees can contribute to and enjoy. Many of the items used in the garden are reclaimed wastes.
  • The facility has developed recycling containers that are very easy to understand. They are color coded and include descriptions of what types of wastes go into them. These containers can be found throughout the facility.
  • The Facility Manager is a member of the Corporate Eco Initiative Technical Team and assists other Leggett facilities in finding and implementing advanced sustainability projects.
  • High Point Spring is an active member of the North Carolina DEQ Environmental Stewardship Initiative.