Iredell Fibers – Statesville, NC

Iredell Fibers, located in Statesville, North Carolina, became registered to the Eco Initiative program in April 2015. The facility produces rebonded carpet underlay made from recycled scrap foam from various industries, including used carpet underlay. Every year, the use of these materials prevents millions of pounds of scrap polyurethane from being sent to landfills. The following goals have been set for 2014-2015:

  • Landfill Reduction – Reduce waste (produced by plant and employees) being sent to landfill by 27% from 2013 levels.
  • Foam Cup Waste Reduction – 12.5% reduction in foam cups sent to landfill in 2014.
  • Metal Dumpster Elimination/Solid Waste Reduction – Cardboard cores being recycled; additional 11,200 lbs. of cardboard recycled in 2014. Metal dumpster used to house cores has been eliminated.

Iredell Fibers has participated in several events which have had an environmental benefit to the community, including “Operation: Fanjoy” (cleaning a 1.5 mile stretch of road).