Western Pneumatic Tube Company – Kirkland, WA

Western Pneumatic Tube Company (WPT) is a custom producer of welded metal tubing made from stainless steel, nickel, titanium and aluminum alloys. This is custom-welded tubing for structural, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems in a wide variety of applications, from submersible pumps to aircraft and spacecraft components.

The following goals were identified and initiated for their first year in the program by the 2016 WPT Eco Initiative Team:

  • Reduce raw material wood usage by 40% on select sizes through two local customers reusing boxes
  • 10% general trash reduction by increasing the recycling program
    • Increase recycle stations throughout the facility
    • Work with the city of Kirkland’s recycling program to better understand what can be recycled through Waste Management
  • Reduce vapor from vapor degreaser by 3%
    • Keep lid closed more frequently
    • Close lid more fully when products are being degreased
    • Now using hook and rope inside degreaser instead of outside
    • As of June 1, 2016 – and based on a comparison of the Jan. 1, 2015-to-June 1, 2015 timeframe – a 17% reduction in pounds used is being realized.

The facility participated in what was called the First Annual Green Kirkland Day. This event took WPT to Crestwood Park to help remove aggressive invasive weeds, plant local shrubs, bushes, and trees, and generally help take back an area of the park that had not been maintained.