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Created in 2012 with the purpose of maintaining and improving upon Leggett & Platt’s strong environmental legacy, the Eco Initiative provides guidelines for a proactive environmental management system.

The Eco Initiative’s early roots were established in 1991, when Leggett & Platt formed an internal department to help the company meet federal, state, and local environmental regulations. Early goals of compliance evolved into increased efforts at reducing chemical, water, and energy usage; reducing air emissions; reducing waste disposal; and increasing operational efficiency.

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In May 2013, the Eco Initiative began rolling out its environmental guidelines to Leggett & Platt’s international branches. While environmental standards vary greatly from country to country, the Eco Initiative will serve as a baseline measuring mechanism to track Leggett & Platt’s progress internationally.


The Eco Initiative was modeled after Enhancing Furniture’s Environmental Culture (EFEC), a voluntary environmental management system created in 1999 by the American Home Furnishings Alliance (AHFA).