Adcom Wire – Jacksonville, FL

Adcom Wire in Jacksonville, Florida, obtained Eco Initiative registration in January 2014. Adcom Wire is a member of Leggett & Platt’s Drawn Wire Division and its manufacturing processes include:

  • Cleaning rods in heated sulfuric acid to remove rust and scale.
  • Quenching rods in a heated lime or borax solution.
  • Sizing rods by passing them through a series of dies to achieve the appropriate wire diameter.
  • Passing rods through a galvanizing process if desired by the customer.

Products manufactured at the facility include high- and low-carbon bright wire and high- and low-carbon galvanized wire.

The facility first began its environmental journey by implementing a recycling program that included paper, plastic, cardboard, and even cigarette butt waste. Recycling of these waste streams complemented its already well-established recycling practices for zinc, lead, and scrap wire.

Other environmental sustainability projects completed at Adcom Wire include:

  • Sulfuric acid used in the cleaning process is sent for beneficial reuse by wastewater treatment facilities.
  • All warehouse lighting was replaced with high-efficiency fluorescent bulbs.
  • A lube recovery system has been put in place to allow in-house recovery and reuse of wire drawing lube.
  • Eliminated Styrofoam cup usage by offering reusable alternatives.
  • Reduced office paper usage by eliminating redundant paperwork.
  • Reduced powerful UV rays and preserve valuable assets longer by applying tint to office windows. The clear-to-lightly-tinted film is designed to not change the appearance of the building and allows up to 70% of visible light through the windows while rejecting up to 60% of the heat.
  • Eliminated paper time cards by installing an electronic badge system.
  • Upgraded office computers to have two monitors to reduce need to print documents.