Cape Girardeau – Cape Girardeau, MO

The Cape Girardeau, MO, facility became Eco Initiative registered in October 2015. The facility specializes in the manufacture of rubber carpet cushion and their strength is in their employee-partners – talented, knowledgeable, and dedicated people who are genuinely interested in the success of the business.

The facility’s sustainability efforts include:

  • Implemented a single-stream recycling program to include cardboard cores and plastic, reducing the amount of recyclable materials to the landfill by 10%
  • Established a consistent consumer base for scrap and waste rolls to avoid landfill
    • Most of the trim and waste rolls are currently being shipped to other Leggett & Platt branches for use in bonded carpet underlay
  • Developing a wastewater evaporation system for the oily water from the roof runoff instead of non-hazardous waste disposal
  • Using environmental-friendly or recycled products when available

Items currently being recycled include:

  • Cardboard (wrapper cardboard cradle and windup paper band cores)
  • Cardboard cores with backing
  • Wood pallets
  • All forms of plastic
  • Paper (banding, backing from labels, cone cups, newspaper, and copy paper)
  • Used oil
  • Fluorescent bulbs
  • Batteries from electronics
  • Used drums
  • Spent solvent
  • Ink cartridges
  • Wooden sides from boxes of rubber
  • All electronics
  • Metal
  • Rubber trim

The team at Cape Girardeau has worked hard to be an active part of the community and bring environmental knowledge to area schools. One project completed during the summer months is the planting of milk-weed at the facility to promote the Monarch butterfly habitat. The team then collected Monarch caterpillars and distributed them to area schools so that children could witness the transformation of this protected species.