Carthage Spring – Carthage, MO

Carthage Spring is a large-scale business dedicated to the manufacture and supply of a wide range of bedding components. These components are used by leading manufacturers of bedding and upholstered furniture to make their finished goods. Carthage Spring has implemented many environmental sustainability projects, including:

  • Air compressor optimization projects
  • A comprehensive recycling program for general facility waste
  • Collecting all used oil for reclamation
  • Installed energy-efficient lighting and motion-sensor switches in various locations throughout the facility
  • Where feasible, replaced standard chemicals with environmentally friendly chemicals
  • Reduced raw material usage through continuous improvement projects
  • Eliminated soap lubricants from coil spring production
    • It was discovered that the machines can operate adequately without the lubricant
  • Increased in-house part rebuilds
  • The facility has switched to using recyclable absorbents
  • Switching glove types for crating personnel
    • Allowed a 33% decrease in glove usage and reduced landfill waste