Clearfield & Hanes Geo – Clearfield, UT

Leggett & Platt – Clearfield and Hanes Geo share a warehouse facility and became Eco Initiative-registered on July 12, 2017. Even though this is a relatively small facility, the location joined forces with other Leggett & Platt warehouse locations in the Western United States to accomplish some significant resource reduction projects. Through combined efforts, the facilities are striving to reduce new pallet purchases by 25%. This is being accomplished through a pallet marking system that indicates where a pallet originated. Marked pallets that are shipped to other manufacturing locations are then collected and returned to the warehouse for reuse, ensuring the pallets will not be sent to the landfill. This has been a joint effort between shipping personnel, truck drivers, and sales team members that has proven quite effective.

A similar return program has been put in place for crate ladders. Customers are provided a metal stacking fixture for crate storage and return as an easy-to-use incentive for participation. These joint efforts are expected to create a 75% return rate of wooden crate ladders.

Other past sustainability efforts include LED lighting upgrades and general recycling programs at the facility.