Cleveland – Cleveland, TN

The facility is located in Cleveland, Tennessee, and assembles motion recliner hardware and lift bases using pneumatic hand tools and threaded fasteners. The facility also assembles sofa sleeper mechanisms using hydraulic rivet setters and serves as a warehouse for other Leggett & Platt facilities.

Previous notable projects, goals, and changes include:

  • Reuse of non-confidential paper for scratch pads, note-taking, etc.
  • Paper recycling
  • Printing only final reports when possible
  • Encourage the use of permanent cups and plates whenever possible
  • Programmable thermostats installed as well as closable vents in infrequently used offices
  • Lighting update
    • The facility switched out 60 outdated metal halide light fixtures with electronic ballast, 4’, 6-tube T8 high lumen lamps in 2012. This resulted in an estimated savings of 44,008 kWh per year (approximate energy consumption reduction of 51%).
  • Facility requests returnable containers from vendors and reuses incoming corrugated for outbound shipments whenever possible
  • Corrugated cardboard not reused is recycled
  • Incoming wooden skids are utilized for storage and shipment of product
  • Facility is routinely magnet swept for dropped fasteners that are sorted and reused in production
  • To reduce air emissions, signs are posted to alert truck carriers to turn off engines while loading and unloading
  • Shipments are monitored daily to maximize loads and minimize trips and mileage
  • Started implementing a recycling program for dry cell batteries. Employees are encouraged to also bring them from home to recycle.