Crest-Foam Corp. – Ft. Worth, TX

Crest Foam Corporation, Branch 1702, has been in the green business long before the Eco Initiative was developed. The branch manufactures high-quality carpet padding primarily from discarded foam. By recycling this waste to form new products, the branch diverts millions of pounds of scrap material from the landfill each year. In keeping with their green business practices, the facility began implementing the Eco Initiative program in 2013. Below are a few of their notable environmental accomplishments in 2013:

  • Reclaimed almost $15,000 in recyclable materials by implementing a strong recycling program for cardboard, plastic, and paper waste.
  • Decreased landfill-bound waste by 4% by working with suppliers regarding incoming scrap trash and contaminated items.
  • Reduced overall water consumption by 51% by implementing a more efficient boiler schedule (using one boiler as opposed to two) and utilizing caps (restrictors) on steam valves.

The facility set the following goals for 2014–2015:

  • Eliminate 100% of the Styrofoam used at the facility.
    • Staff will utilize reusable cups.
    • Recycled paper cups will be available for guests and meetings.
  • Reduce the amount of landfill waste by 10%.
    • Cigarette butts will be recycled.
    • Hand dryers were installed in restrooms to eliminate disposable towels.
    • Working with suppliers to reduce waste generated by trash in scrap foam.
  • Reduce energy usage by installing motion sensor lighting in the office areas.
    • Project has been postponed to Fall 2015.

The facility has adopted Arnold Park for monthly clean up as part of their social responsibility activity. They also participated in the Ft. Worth Earth Day event “Keep Ft. Worth Beautiful.”