Davidson Plyforms – Grand Rapids, MI

Davidson Plyforms is a leading manufacturer of curved plywood, solid wood, and compression-molded, recycled thermoplastic material products. Services provided by Davidson Plyforms include compression molding, CNC machining, assembly, tooling, engineering, and full product-design services for all of their markets.

Davidson Plyforms achieved Eco Initiative registration in January 2017. Some past and current impact-reduction efforts include:

  • Reduce landfill waste
    • Finish line hazardous waste reduction
    • Minimize glue waste
    • Recycle T-Nuts
    • Implement plant-wide recycling
    • Reuse PET plastic banding
    • Discontinued Styrofoam coffee cup use
    • Hand dryers installed in restroom
    • Reduced usage and packaging waste from PPE
    • Developed a skid return program
  • Improve efficiency for veneer/plastic usage
    • More accurate veneer sizing
    • Glue use reductions
  • Decrease gas and electric usage
    • Install sensors in restrooms and low-use areas
    • Air compressor room heat-reclaim project
    • Air compressor leak audit
    • Turn temperature down on electric heaters
    • Third-party energy audit to identify further reduction opportunities

Annually, volunteers from Davidson Plyforms attend the Mayor’s Grand River Cleanup. The Grand River and surrounding waterways are cleaned of trash and debris that have collected over the past year.