Ennis Spring – Ennis, TX

Ennis Spring was Leggett & Platt’s third location to be put in operation, originating in Dallas, Texas, in September 1938. The facility was temporarily closed during World War II and was reopened in Ennis, Texas, in 1946. Ennis Spring manufactures Bonnell, VertiCoil®, and Superlastic innerspring units, along with the support equipment needed for production. 

Ennis Spring’s main Eco Initiative efforts have previously been focused on reducing the amount of waste sent to the landfill. The facility has successfully implemented a general waste recycling program that includes paper, aluminum, copper, wire, cardboard, plastic bottles, lumber, and pallets. 

Additional projects at the Ennis facility include: 

  • Motion sensor systems in offices, restrooms, warehouse, and break rooms
  • Reducing air compressor leaks by developing an air leak reduction program
  • Reducing scrap generated facility-wide
  • Reducing oil leaks by implementing an oil leak reduction program
  • Implementing a paper use reduction program
  • Recycling waste glue and glue packaging through joint efforts with suppliers