Flex-O-Lators – Carthage, MO

Flex-O-Lators is an ISO 14001 facility and became Eco Initiative-registered in 2014. In addition to general recycling activities, the facility has implemented the following sustainability projects:

  • Paper reduction efforts have reduced office paper usage by almost 17%
  • The facility uses a service to launder used rags and oil absorbents and return them to the facility for reuse
  • Damaged pallets are purchased and refurbished by a local resident
  • The facility is working to save energy by reducing air leaks within the compressor system
  • The facility installed an additional storage silo for plastic resin
    • The ecological benefit of the silo is that it will eliminate 715 cardboard gaylords per year
  • The facility uses returnable packaging whenever possible to eliminate waste and reduce costs
  • The facility is now changing oil in operating equipment based on the condition of the oil, rather than a maintenance schedule
    • Oil samples are sent to a certified lab to determine the condition of the oil, then changed when the trend shows it is heading out of specification
    • The testing has shown oil can last three times longer than what the oil manufacturer guarantees, resulting in fewer oil changes and and a decrease in new oil purchases by 32%

In addition to the above accomplishments, the facility is also active in the community.

  • The facility adopted a section of highway and employees volunteer their time to clean up trash each quarter
  • The facility has worked with the following schools to promote the Eco Initiative program with students:
    • Missouri Southern State University’s Industrial Engineering program and Earth Day events
    • Carthage High School’s Technical School students
    • Missouri State University’s MBA students
    • Fairview Elementary School
  • The facility donated old office furniture to Habitat for Humanity to help keep waste out of the landfill and benefit the community