Gordon Manufacturing – Grand Rapids, MI

Gordon Manufacturing Company (GMC) manufactures chair controls, bases, and table components for the furniture industry. GMC is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and is capable of producing approximately 16,000 Aeron tilt mechanism units per week.

In 2015, Gordon Manufacturing laid out several ways to improve efficiency, lower energy usage, and reduce emission sources. Throughout the year, they plan to measure these projects to implement a baseline for effective measurements in the coming years. The facility has implemented a paper recycling program to reduce landfill waste. To lower emissions, they installed independent generators on semis that shut down over night and during rest periods. They also began purchasing reusable packaging, and a lighting upgrade was conducted that includes motion sensors and timers. The 2015 goals and objectives for GMC are as follows:

  • Reduce waste going to the landfill to less than 2 tons per month by 1/1/16.
    • This will be accomplished through:
      • Evaluating existing recycling programs for effectiveness.
      • Increasing employee awareness of recycling programs by utilizing games and contests.
      • Providing additional recycling containers.
      • Departmental training on what items can be recycled.
  • Reduce Argon usage by 40%, based on data from October 2011 to November 2014.
    • This is a multiyear project and will be accomplished through:
      • Installing fixed orifice restrictor valves on welders.
      • Installing a smaller Argon tank to reduce off-gassing.
      • Installing electronic gas regulators on robotic welders.
      • Repairing leaks and performing additional preventative maintenance on the Argon lines.
  • Reduce scrap as a percentage of production cost from 1.6% to 0.5% by December 2015.
    • This will be accomplished through:
      • Working with customers on tolerance levels.
      • Working with customers on tool repairs.
      • Setting up standardized instructions.
      • Implementing alternate oils.
      • Adding new, more precise feed lines.