Gribetz International – Sunrise, FL

Gribetz International, Branch 5600, is part of the Global Systems Division within the Specialized Products Segment. Gribetz International leads the world as the manufacturer of quilting machines and other equipment and systems related to the bedding, home textile, and apparel industries. Gribetz offers a complete range of products designed to modernize and automate the handling, sewing, quilting, and cutting processes.

Gribetz International became an Eco Initiative-registered facility in March 2016. Sustainability accomplishments at the facility include: 

  • Reduced electricity consumption by 20% by replacing old air conditioning units with new, energy-efficient units. 
  • Reduced landfill waste through the reuse and repurpose of resources such as paper, cardboard, aluminum, plastic, and various packing material.
  • Eliminated paper towel dispensing stations and switched to electric dryers.

The facility continues to identify opportunities for waste and energy reduction throughout the facility, such as additional recycling opportunities and air compressor system optimization.