Hanes Dye & Finishing – Winston-Salem, NC

Hanes Dye and Finishing (HDF) is a member of Leggett & Platt’s Residential Furnishings Segment/Fabric and Carpet Underlay Group. Manufacturing operations include commission dye and finishing operation, and conversion of a variety of home furnishing, pocketing/apparel, and industrial products.

Hanes Geo is a business devoted to the distribution of a wide range of geo-components and erosion-control products. In addition, they assemble silt, sand, and snow fence products.

The processing of these fabrics relies on steam production to heat various pieces of equipment that, for 92 years, has been generated from coal-fired boilers. The environmental impact of coal usage was one aspect prompting the switch to natural gas-fired steam production. North Carolina’s regulatory agencies have implemented one of the most proactive action plans in the U.S. to move away from coal combustion. Natural gas involves cleaner combustion technology, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 50 to 60%. There’s also no solid coal ash requiring disposal. Visible emission from the boiler stacks is water vapor that dissipates quickly after discharged into the atmosphere. The overall impact of removing the coal-fired boilers at HDF resulted in resounding improvements to environmental sustainability on a wide scale. Long-term benefits will be provided directly and indirectly to the local community, municipalities, utilities, and ecosystem.

The endeavor required the support from many sectors within the business, and since the new gas boiler system came online in November 2016, HDF has been satisfied with the project success. With this change, Hanes Companies improves as a neighbor and demonstrates they are a resilient partner within North Carolina’s manufacturing community by continuing to provide quality products with improved sustainability.

Social responsibility also means a lot to the Hanes facilities. They have participated in a bi-annual stream clean up at Peters Creek near the facility since before becoming Eco Initiative-Certified. They have also donated fabric to a local church for use in making blankets for the homeless. Additionally, they have participated in community events such as tree plantings, and other neighborhood and waterway cleanup projects.