High Point Spring – High Point, NC

High Point Spring became an Eco Initiative-registered facility in 2014. Like most L&P facilities, High Point Spring has developed a strong recycling program, and each year, the facility sets goals to continually increase recycling efforts and reduce their landfill waste. Beyond recycling, they have taken steps to reduce the amount of raw material consumed. Examples of reduction efforts include:

  • Metal and fabric scrap reduction through improved machine efficiencies.
  • Switching from new wood pallet purchases to recycled pallets.
  • Eliminating the use of Styrofoam cups.

Energy use reduction efforts have also been a focus at High Point Spring:

  • Old HVAC units were replaced with energy-efficient units.
  • Old heat units in the warehouse were replaced with energy-efficient units.
  • Electrical transformers were replaced with high-load units.
  • LED lighting upgrades.
  • Motion sensor lighting was installed.

High Point Spring is active in their community, working to promote environmental awareness. The facility participates in the “Keep America Beautiful Big Sweep” that is sponsored by the City of High Point. Employees and their families clean a local park twice per year, along with having an annual tree planting event.