Houston Foam – Houston, MS

Houston Foam – Branch 1704 began the Eco Initiative Program in December 2013 and obtained registration a year later. Branch 1704 was officially recognized as an Associate New Member by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality’s “enhance” program in 2017.

The facility established and achieved several goals in their first couple of years.

  • Reduced the amount of horsepower used by machines in the manufacturing process by 5% 
  • Eliminated the paper towel waste stream
  • Reduced toilet water usage by 50% by installing new, water-efficient toilets
  • Reduced the amount of waste generated by 13,000 lbs. a month in the destoner process by optimizing airflow through the machines
  • Reduced the amount of ink used to print certification labels on products by 50% by reducing the size of the label
  • By seeking out more vendors to recycle waste streams and increasing employee awareness of best waste management practices, the facility reduced landfill contributions by 40%