LP Automotive – London, Ontario, Canada

Leggett & Platt’s London Division in Ontario, Canada, manufactures springs, wire forms, welded assemblies, and stamping components for the automotive industry. L&P London is an ISO 14001-registered facility and became Eco Initiative registered in February 2014. Since that time, the facility has developed a robust sustainability culture that encourages employee involvement and innovation.

Past sustainability efforts at the facility include:

  • Reducing electrical usage throughout the plant
    • Monitoring all equipment and shutting down unnecessary equipment when it is not needed
    • Bringing in more automated processes/operations to make the overall manufacturing process more efficient
    • Air compressor optimization
    • LED lighting upgrades
  • Reduce natural gas usage
    • Incorporating more electrical stress relief of product
    • Oven usage optimization
    • Improve gas heating units used for comfort heating on the plant floor
  • Reduce solid waste destined for the landfill
    • Conduct regular scrap audits
    • Implemented an effective recycling program
    • Work-in-process changes to reduce waste generation
  • Raw material use reduction
    • Work-in-process changes to reduce raw material use
    • Engineering changes on packaging to reduce or eliminate the amount of cardboard used

LP Automotive has donated financially to the Salthaven – Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center and to Scoutrees (Boy Scouts) to help plant trees. Additionally, the facility has worked with local Boy Scouts to help educate them on the three Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and encourage them to do all they can to help preserve the environment.