LTDA Brazil – Sorocoba, SP CEC, Brazil

LTDA Brasil, Branch 0303, is the first Brazilian branch and the first branch outside of North America to begin implementing the Eco Initiative program. Branch 0303 is located in the city of Camanducaia in Minas Gerais, Brazil. The facility operates out of a 150,000-sq. ft. manufacturing facility, and is capable of producing 170,000 springs per month.

The following Eco Initiative goals have been set for 2015:

  • Reduce water usage by 5% per capita compared to 2014 data. This will be accomplished by:
    • Implementing a pneumatic system in the locker room lavatory (push-button for sinks to reduce the amount of water used when washing hands).
    • Educating employees on the importance of water conservation.
    • Inspecting and fixing leaking water pipes.
    • Buying pre-washed fruit and vegetables that do not need to be washed.
  • Reduce electricity consumption per unit produced by 5% compared to 2014 data. This will be accomplished by:
    • Finding and fixing compressed air leaks.
    • Performing preventative maintenance on the air compressor.
    • Replacing some older, less-efficient machines with newer, more-efficient machines.
    • Training employees to turn off machines when not in use, turn off lights and computers at the end of the day, and turn off computer monitors during lunch breaks.
  • Implement measures to ensure biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) related to wastewater disposal are within acceptable limits during the year (the facility has not exceeded COD & BOD levels, but averages are fairly close to permit limits). This will be accomplished by:
    • Annual maintenance in the sewage treatment plant.
    • Quarterly cleaning out of the cafeteria oil and grease box.
    • Educating employees to not discard toilet paper and personal hygiene products in the wastewater.

For a social responsibility activity, the facility invited local school children to come to their environmental day. During the event, they taught the children environmental topics with characters and skits, gave them candy, and had them help plant trees on the property. The school was so impressed that they invited the branch to come teach environmental topics to the rest of the students at the school. Additionally, the branch received a certificate of social responsibility from the City of Camunducaia for working with the students.