Machine Products – Carthage, MO

Machine Products is located in Carthage, Missouri, and manufactures a wide variety of machinery parts from small fittings to large shafts, and small assemblies to complete machines. The majority of the machinery used in the bedding branches within Leggett has been manufactured by Machine Products.

For trade customers, the facility manufactures repair parts for their existing equipment as well as inspection and testing equipment for the oil field industry, complex electrical cabinets and controls, and more. The primary customers are Leggett & Platt, Baker-Hughes, GE Oil & Gas, Gardner-Denver, NOV-Brandt, Datran Corp., and CRS-Evans.

Machine Products became Eco Initiative-registered in May 2015 and has a long list of goals for their first year in the Eco program. These goals include:

  • Eliminate 100% of wood waste being disposed in the landfill by finding a viable recycler.
    • The facility is working with a vendor to have all the wood waste collected and recycled. If an agreement is reached, the vendor will buy repairable pallets from the facility and repurpose all other wood waste as mulch.
  • Eliminate 20,000 pounds of waste per year from being disposed of to the landfill by focusing on employee awareness and implementing effective recycling programs.
    • Recycling streams of interest include:
      • Paper
      • Cardboard
      • Plastic
      • Aluminum
    • The facility is currently recycling all of the waste streams above, but is working with a new vendor, Marck Industries, that will collect more waste streams and pay the branch for collected wastes.
  • Reduce energy consumption by 20% by installing programmable thermostats to more efficiently regulate temperature.
    • Monthly utility bills will be compared to the previous year to determine success.
    • The branch began installing thermostats in July 2014 and is still collecting data.
  • Eliminate 95% of disposable eating utensils being sent to the landfill.
    • Reusable utensils were distributed to employees, and disposable utensils are no longer being purchased.
    • Along with landfill reduction, the branch realized a $684 cost savings in 2014 alone.
  • Decrease the quantity of paper purchased by 50 reams per year.
    • Paperless programs are being implemented in several departments throughout the facility.
    • A six-page CNC Priority List report is now electronically available and is no longer printed. This alone reduces paper usage by 450 pages per week.
    • The facility is currently looking at implementing similar programs.

Machine Products came up with a creative way to enhance employee awareness by developing “EARTH Principles.”

E – Educate and involve employee-partners and the community in environmental initiatives.
A – Act responsibly to prevent pollution.
R – Recycle and reduce raw material and solid waste.
T – Think of ways to continuously improve environmental processes.
H – Honor and comply with environmental regulations and programs.

Machine Products continues to strive to maintain a strong Eco Initiative program in 2016. The new goals the facility has set are:

  • Wood waste to landfill elimination – continued from 2015
    • Eliminate 100% of wood waste being sent to the landfill by finding a viable recycler.
    • Wood wastes include: pallets, crates, and miscellaneous scrap wood.
    • Goal is complete – a truck is in place and all wood is being recycled.
  • General Waste to Landfill Reduction
    • Eliminate 45,300 pounds of waste from being sent to the landfill by focusing on employee awareness and implementing effective recycling programs for the following: paper, cardboard, and aluminum.
    • Additional items recycled include: ink and toner cartridges, CDs, DVDs, batteries, oil coolant, e-waste, raw material, and aerosol cans.
    • This goal is still in progress.
  • Work with the L&P IDEA Center and Branch 0001 to eliminate fabric-encased innerspring units from going to a landfill after testing at the IDEA Center.
    • This goal is still in progress.
    • They are figuring out how they will measure what is kept from the landfill. Branch 0001 and the IDEA Center are both on board for the project and are fine-tuning the details.

The facility also recently became a member of the Missouri Adopt-A-Highway program and will be cleaning a portion of Interstate 49 each quarter.