Mary Ann Industries – Villa Rica, GA

Mary Ann Industries (Branch 0656), located in Villa Rica, GA, is a member of Leggett & Platt’s Carpet Underlay division. The facility became registered in the Eco Initiative program in September 2015.

Mary Ann Industries formally began their journey toward Eco Initiative registration in May 2014, but has been environmentally conscious long before that.

In 2012, Mary Ann Industries began a project to collect and bail fiber dust for recycling rather than dispose of it in the landfill. This project has been hugely successful in diverting approximately 388,000 lbs. of fiber dust from the landfill every year.

By setting up recycling stations strategically throughout the facility, they are able to divert approximately 614,000 lbs. of material each year from the landfill.

Here are some of the ways the facility is currently working to be more sustainable:

  1. Reduce waste
    • Identifying and recycling additional waste items
  2. Reduce energy
    • Lighting motion sensors
    • Replaced old bulbs with more efficient ones
    • New, compressed air/dryer system
  3. Reduction of paper
    • Review of all forms and documents currently in use to determine whether they can be modified or made obsolete to save on paper

In the summer of 2017, the facility visited the Bethlehem Baptist Church during their Vacation Bible School event in Buchanan, GA. The Eco Initiative Team members explained to the kids how Leggett & Platt’s recycling and repurposing of waste items at the facility help to protect the environment. An exercise was done with the kids on how their use of plastic bags for lunch could be replaced with reusable containers.