Merit Steel – Kouts, IN

Merit Steel began the Eco Initiative Program in June 2012, and obtained registration in January 2014. Over the last five years, Merit Steel has had many successful projects.

One of the first and most obvious Eco Initiative projects was recycling. Paper, plastic bottles, plastic sleeves, cardboard, aluminum cans, used oil, wire drawing lube, and used aerosols are all now recycled. Recycling bins are placed around the facility and in all office areas.

To reduce air emissions from the facility, a new, more efficient acid fume scrubber was installed on the sulfuric acid cleaning line.

To reduce scrap metal generation, the Eco Initiative Team implemented a black belt project to identify causes of non-conforming wire generation. By identifying production inefficiencies, scrap has been reduced by more than 30% in the addressed process. This has resulted in a scrap reduction of more than 60 tons per year.

To reduce hazardous waste generated, the Eco Initiative Team installed a new acid recovery system. With this system, the facility plans to reduce spent acid sent offsite by 100%.

Recent goals and projects include:

  • Reduce amount of scratched wire
    • Facility examined the various causes of scratched wire
    • Facility determined that the lime additive was contributing to scratched wire
      • Facility switched to a new lime additive that has reduced the amount of scratched wire
  • Acid Recovery System – With the new system installed and running efficiently, the facility wants to reduce spent sulfuric acid sent offsite by 100%
  • Reduce paper usage by 500-1,000 pieces per year
    • Facility will switch from a paper attendance tracking system to an electronic system