Monroe Spring – Monroe, GA

Monroe Spring produces and re-sells steel wire components for mattress and bedding manufacturers across the Southeast U.S. The majority of manufacturing at the facility is innersprings. These are sold to mattress manufactures, who then cover and upholster them to produce a finished mattress that is sold in retail stores. Monroe Spring also produces components used in the box spring process.

The facility has implemented many goals over the past years, including:

5% reduction in natural gas usage through oven optimization.
100% elimination of consumer recyclables (i.e. plastic bottles, cans, etc.) from being disposed as landfill waste by employees.
100% elimination of cardboard clip spools from landfill waste by finding a recycler for these items.
5% reduction in electricity usage plant-wide.
Initiate a cigarette butt recycling program and recycle 4 boxes during 2014.
Monroe Spring employees, as a part of their Eco Initiative Program, adopted a stretch of highway to pick up trash along mile markers 8 and 9 on Highway 11. This is a great way to get involved in their community. In adopting a highway, clean-up efforts must take place four times a year, though the Leggett & Platt Eco Initiative Committee has set a goal of cleaning the roadway six times a year.