No-Sag – Kendallville, IN

No-Sag Products in Kendallville, Indiana, became Eco Initiative-registered in November 2010. The facility has been an exceptional role model for other facilities implementing the Eco Initiative. No-Sag Products is a medium-sized business dedicated to the manufacture and supply of a wide range of home furniture components that leading manufacturers of upholstered furniture and bedding use to make their finished products.

The Kendallville facility reviews Eco Initiative projects and goals continuously. Formally, projects and goals are reviewed each quarter during BMT meetings. Past projects include:

  • Identify, control, and manage the purchase of new office supplies
  • Develop an electronic form and reporting process for customer service reports
  • Develop an electronic form and reporting process for control of non-conforming materials

The facility also continued with the following environmental sustainability goals:

  • Recycling/Reuse – The facility maintains numerous projects, including:
    • Aluminum cans are collected and donated to the Noble County Habitat for Humanity
    • Wood skids are rebuilt for customers to reuse along with the facility
    • Cardboard boxes are returned from La-Z-Boy and reused three to four times, reducing waste
    • Pallets are returned from customers for reuse
    • Cardboard tubes are recycled with cardboard
    • Cardboard spools are taken apart and recycled
  • Electricity Use Reduction – Using 2011 as a baseline, the goal is to reduce energy consumption by at least 0.5% each year with projects such as:
    • Installing occupancy light sensors in various departments and purchasing energy-saving options for all new and replacement electrical motors
    • Implementing a program to reduce air compressor leaks that resulted in a $3,000 savings
    • Converting 360 lamps throughout the facility to LED
    • Purchasing a 5-hp air compressor for Saturday operations rather than running the 100-hp air compressor
  • Natural Gas Use Reduction – The facility installed an interior burner control exchange to the main tempering oven to reduce natural gas usage – this increased wire volume through overhead oven by 1,500 tons per year
  • Waste Management – In 2011, facility projects diverted 75% of waste from the landfill, with the ultimate goal being 85%, and as of 2016, the facility has exceeded this goal
    • The Kendallville plant sends all waste to a nearby landfill that produces methane from composting trash
    • The methane gas is used to power the Fort Wayne, Indiana, GM Assembly Plant
    • The GM plant generates 43% of the building’s electricity from the methane
    • In 2017, the facility developed an oil capture and reuse system for the Sinous Wire Machines by using a submersible pump set to a gear ratio to draw oil from a catch bucket

In addition to the above noted projects, Kendallville also received the Governor’s Award in 2011 for Environmental Excellence.