Northfield Metal Products – Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Northfield Metal Products earned Eco Initiative registration in August 2016. The Eco Initiative team at Northfield has driven a complete program with meaningful impact-reduction efforts that are backed by exceptional employee involvement. 

Like most facilities, one of the first goals set by Northfield was to implement a basic recycling program for items such as cardboard, plastic, paper, etc. that are sent to an outside recycling company. One of the major sustainability accomplishments at Northfield is the nylon re-grind project, an in-house recycling effort. The facility produces custom injection-molded parts on 40 molding machines. This process utilizes virgin nylon plastic pellets to form a variety of parts. As with any process, a certain amount of scrap is produced. The re-grinder has allowed the facility to process its own scrap nylon back into reusable nylon pellets. Northfield has attained an 18% reduction in virgin nylon consumption since 2015 and has continued to improve the re-grind process. In the first quarter of 2018, the facility saved over 9 tons of purge material from the landfill. Furthermore, the facility has continued to reduce landfill contributions and electricity consumption, and is also switching from solvent- to water-based cleaners.

The facility stays involved in their community, and participates in the Adopt-A-Highway program and an annual park cleanup event at Snyder-Gingrich Pond.