Prelog Springs and Prelog Machinery – Prelog, Croatia

L&P Branches 0357 and 0358, Croatia, consist of a machine shop, spring plant, and wire mill, and have a combined Eco Initiative program. The implementation process began in December 2016 and recently became registered by the Board of Examiners.

The Eco Team identified eight projects and goals to work on right away. They are as follows:

  • Reduce water consumption and the generation of waste water in the wire drawing department by 3% per ton of wire produced
  • Reduce electricity consumption in spring production by 3% per 1,000 coils produced
  • Reduce landfill waste by 7%
  • Reduce printing paper, therefore also reducing ink and toner usage
  • Collect and sell cardboard rolls to a non-woven supplier – these were previously recycled
  • Collect and sell spun bond textile to a recycler – previously incinerated at a cost
  • Replace disposable wiping rags with industrial, reusable rags
  • Install mobile welding gas suction units to reduce natural gas consumption and maintain temperature conditions within the facility
  • Replace lighting on machines with LEDs

Not only is there evidence of a successful program within the facility, but also within the community and the company.

  • In March, the facilities worked together to clean up around a local lake, gathering 17 bags of trash
  • Also in March, they celebrated World Water Day by hosting a group of young students from a nearby school
    • The students received a tour of the facility, reviewed manufacturing processes, safety procedures, and the Eco Initiative, and were taught the importance of minimizing waste
  • Newspaper articles were published describing the events to celebrate World Water Day and the lake cleanup
  • 21 different waste streams are recycled