Pride Frame – Wilkes-Barre, PA

Pride Frame – Branch 0071 was awarded the 2014 Pennsylvania Waste Watchers Award. This award recognizes recycling, waste reduction, reuse, and composting programs in Pennsylvania that have exhibited exemplary performance. The facility’s accomplishments in recycling and waste management also align with Eco Initiative objectives and standards. Some notable projects the branch has been working on include:

  1. Reduce landfill contribution
    • Expanding current recycling programs to include aluminum cans, plastic bottles, wood, and paper
  2. Reduce raw material usage
    • Maintain a scrap rate of 0.5% or less
  3. Reduce electricity usage
    • Lighting upgrades

The facility has adopted a project to notify the community on the area’s quality of air. This is achieved through a flag pole outside of the facility. The color ranges from green to purple, with green being good air quality and purple being bad with recommendations to stay inside.