Rensselaer – Rensselaer, IN

Rensselaer is located in Rensselaer, Indiana, and employs approximately 150 people throughout two buildings with approximately 237,655 sq. ft. Rensselaer was purchased from Sealy, Inc., in July 2014 by Leggett & Platt. Rensselaer is dedicated to the manufacture and supply of a wide range of Comfort Core Units that Sealy, Inc., uses to make their finished products.

  • Reduce landfill waste by 25% by recycling coil and fabric scrap, paper, plastics, aluminum cans, cardboard, cardboard discs, cardboard cores, shrink film, and glue bags
  • Marker Reduction – Currently working to develop alternate methods of marking the units instead of using markers
  • Reduce amount of wire and fabric scrap – The facility is working with employees to improve product quality and reduce amount of bad rows per unit
  • Reduce electrical consumption by 31% – The facility replaced a 150-hp air compressor with a VFD 50-hp air compressor, saving an estimated $65,000 per year in energy