Schukra – Windsor, Ontario

Schukra of North America, located in Tecumseh, Ontario, is a manufacturer and supplier of seating comfort systems. Schukra is an ISO 14001-registered facility and became Eco Initiative registered in December 2013. Since that time, Schukra has developed a sustainability culture that is deeply imbedded in the everyday operations at the facility.

Some of the past sustainability efforts at Schukra include:

  • Reduced bar code labels through pull system optimization
  • Performed waste audits annually to identify new recycling streams and gauge recycling efficiency
  • Established a program to recycle defective motor units
  • Reduced energy usage plant-wide by:
    • Installing BAF fan to reduce energy usage required to heat and cool facility
    • Installing dock plates and skirts in receiving docks to help minimize temperature loss/gain
    • Converting fluorescent light bulbs to more efficient LED light bulbs
    • Reducing the amount of bar code labels printed
    • Multiple projects in place to help reduce machine downtime
  • Strong quality control and quality improvement programs that reduce scrap product and raw material usage
  • Returnable package efforts with vendors

Schukra also participates in several social responsibility activities, including:

  • Annually, the facility helps plant trees in the community as part of the ERCA tree planting. During this event, approximately 2,000 trees are planted by volunteers in the community.
  • Annually, the facility collects coats and mittens that are given to the unemployment help center for those in need.
  • The facility holds an annual Earth Week event to promote environmental awareness among its employees.