West Coast Furniture – City of Industry, CA

West Coast Furniture is a multi-faceted manufacturer, supplier, and distributor to the upholstered furniture industry in the Western US and California. The facility manufactures and assembles seating products, sleeper mechanisms, and recliner and motion hardware for its customers. They also distribute many other products for the furniture industry in general.

In 2013, West Coast Furniture exceeded an initial goal of reducing electricity consumption by 3.5%. They started the project by moving wire production to a four-day work week, increasing employee awareness, installing lighting sensors, and changing thermostats. They built upon this goal through 2014 and achieved a 10.8% reduction in energy consumption by further reducing hours of operation by two hours per day.

To reduce landfill waste and save money, the facility began reclaiming pallets from customers for reuse. This has saved the facility over $6,000, and 30% of their pallets do not end up in the landfill. West Coast Furniture began their recycling program by recycling office paper. The recycling efforts have continued to grow and the facility has been able to reduce their landfill waste by 92.4% since initial implementation of their Eco Initiative program.

It was observed that the water sprinklers were dropping mud in the walkway used by employees and visitors. Through continuous inspections, many broken sprinklers and over-watering of lawn and plants were discovered. The broken sprinklers were fixed and the facility adjusted the water schedule accordingly. Within five months, West Coast Furniture noticed a reduction of 44% CCFs water usage, exceeding the initial 20% target. The facility has continued to make improvements in water efficiency and has reduced water usage each year since 2014. 

The most recent projects West Coast has worked on include:

  • Increase cardboard recycling by 30%
    • Facility had a six-yard dumpster for cardboard recycling; however, when full, the excess cardboard was being thrown in the trash.
    • Facility switched from the dumpster to a bailer system to recycle all cardboard and reduce space needed to store the cardboard until the vendor picks it up.
  • Reduce water consumption to 90 CCFs or less per month (Same as 2017; however, new methods for achieving).
    • Installed water sensors in lawn to monitor moister levels and only activate sprinklers when it gets low.
    • New faucet aerators installed on all sinks that are 1.2 gallons per minute (gpm) compared to the previous ones at 2.2 gpm.
  • Additionally, the facility is working with Stem Energy Superintelligence to install batteries that will operate to offset the load on the areas electrical grid during peak hours. The goal is to help the power company and prevent the need to build a new power plant to meet energy demands.