Western Pneumatic Tube Company – Kirkland, WA

Western Pneumatic Tube Company (WPT) is a custom producer of welded metal tubing made from stainless steel, nickel, titanium, and aluminum alloys. This is custom welded tubing for structural, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems in a wide variety of applications such as submersible pumps and aircraft and spacecraft components.

The facility is currently working on the following goals/projects: 

  • Reduce landfill by implementing compost program.
    • Work with the city to get approval to collect compost items.
    • Train employees on composting/recycling. Bring in Waste Management to provide informative training.
  • Reduce wastewater treatment chemical usage.
    • Acquire pump capable of pumping water from the sludge press up into the sludge silo.
    • Install pump and piping that will redirect treated wastewater discharge from sludge press back into the sludge silo.
    • Update treatment of system drawings with King County Wastewater Discharge Permit.

Completed goals since implementation of the Eco Initiative program:

  • 100% reuse of furnace water after bi-annual maintenance.
  • Reduced vapor degreaser emissions by 3%.
  • Decreased volume of trash sent to landfill by 10%.

The facility participates in the annual Green Kirkland Day. This event took employees to Crestwood Park to help remove aggressively invasive weeds, plant local shrubs, bushes, and trees, and generally help take back an area of the park that had not been maintained.