Winchester Spring – Winchester, KY

Winchester Spring obtained Eco Initiative registration on July 31, 2012. As a result of our sustainability work, Winchester Spring has won several awards such as the Environmental Excellence Award in 2012, Environmental Pacesetter Award in 2015, and Environmental Champion Award in 2016. These were all presented to us by the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection (KDEP).

Winchester is an exceptional facility that continues to improve its Eco Initiative program. The facility has set the following active goals for 2018:

  1. Energy Reduction
    • LED Lighting Project
  2. Waste Disposal/Landfill Reduction
    • Pallet Repair Project
    • Peeled Wire Scrap Project
    • Comfort Core Scrap Project
  3. Water Reduction
    • Detect leaks in facility’s piping
    • Efficiency of facility toilets

The facility is involved in several events that expose the public to the Eco Initiative program. In addition to these events, the facility also sent out letters with Eco Initiative updates to several local companies and representatives in Kentucky.

  • Community cleanup event – the facility has adopted New Street, Franklin Street, Sylvania Street, and Ecton Road
  • Once a month, the facility goes to Justice Elementary to talk about different environmental topics
  • We also work with the school to send markers to Crayola for recycling