Wire Mill – Carthage, MO

The Carthage Wire Mill produces low-carbon and high-carbon wire in many sizes with various coatings for a diverse customer base. Today, the Carthage Wire Mill consists of a cleaning line, 29 machine wire drawing lines, a galvanizing line, and 3 oil tempering lines. Wire produced by the Carthage Wire Mill is primarily used by other L&P locations, including spring plants and automotive component manufacturers. Approximately 20% of the wire produced by the Carthage Wire Mill is sold to external customers who represent a multitude of industries.

Rather than disposing of used acid from the cleaning line as hazardous waste, the facility recycles, reuses, and repurposes the spent acid. Spent acid is processed through an Acid Recovery System, and the final product can then be used as food-grade iron supplements, in iron-rich fertilizer, or as a water treatment agent.

In 2010, Carthage Wire Will aimed to reduce material usage and switched from using Safety-Kleen as a vendor to Circle E for oil-absorbent mats. The oil is squeezed from the mats for recycling, then washed and reused. In 2013, the facility expanded recycling efforts to include aluminum, cardboard, paper, scrap metal, electronics, blastite, pallets, chemical totes, ink cartridges, and zinc skimmings. This resulted in mass landfill reductions. In 2014, they reduced water usage by 3 million gallons per year by replacing the chiller on the galvanizing line. Also that year, they started spraying the hoppers with spray liner and re-weld, which in turn reduced oil leaks, extended the life of the hoppers, and improved cleanliness. The major goal the Wire Mill is working on for 2015 is an LED lighting project. At this time, the project is still being researched and quotes have been established for cost and return.